When God calls us to a new season, the best thing we can do is surrender to Him.

surrender to God

I've spent the past five years asking God what he wanted me to do for his kingdom. It seemed like everyone around me knew what God had called them to do except me. Even tho that wasn't true, God had me right where he wanted me during that season, but I thought otherwise. Funny how we always look at things from our human flesh-view, but God's knowledge is way above our own.
It could be that the Lord needs us to stay put in a season a bit longer. Or possibly we need some more training, or something is coming around the corner we will need to be available for, or a number of many other reasons that we can't see ourselves. That's why it's so important to surrender it all to him and "be still" and wait for him to move us. Just because we feel like we should be doing something, doesn't mean that's what God's plan is for us. We always look at how we "feel" about something. Like if I feel great about it, then it must be from God!  That's not always right. Stop and pray and ask him for confirmation.
I have found myself in many situations in my life where that has happened, such as a marriage trial. The world can tell you it's ok to walk away, it's too hard, or you can't do it. Those are all words from the enemy to take you away from listening to God. Had I listened to those "feelings", I would have missed the miracle God had waiting for me in a restored marriage.
I know now that going off my feelings isn't the best thing for me. It took me most all my life to learn that, but once I did, he filled me with his peace that surpasses all understanding and I was able to let go and wait.
His peace is an amazing place to be.

He will place desires in your heart.

Ever wonder where your desires come from? You know, the ones that make your heart skip-a-beat? Your passion grows and you get all excited about it! That's one way God uses to relate to us about what his plans are for us. And if we're listening, we will step into it. If we don't, then we will miss something that would have been so beautiful.
When I closed my photography business, I felt useless; like I had no purpose anymore. "What am I supposed to do now God?" He had actually been closing this door for about 3 years and I kept opening it back up. I spent 20 years working in the photography industry, wrote a book, taught all over the world and built a pretty nice life for myself and I wasn't willing to give it up that easy. So I kept going on my own will. I guess I thought I knew what was best for me. ha! But God was using this time of my prideful sin to change and prepare me for what was next.

The time came that I finally surrendered and he closed the door. Now that I had surrendered, it was time to wait.

waiting on him
I spent a little over a year dealing with some health issues, all the while taking up a variety of crafting until I landed on making polymer clay earrings. I fell in love with this art and eventually rented a space at a local boutique downtown. (scroll to the bottom of this page to see the location of Top Drawer.)
It has been so much fun and I'm making a little money off it. I'm not concerned about the money. My husband and I have learned to live on his income and we're fine with this. God has always provided for us and sometimes very abundantly, more than we deserve.
During this time, God gave me the freedom I had longed for to spend more time with my grandkids and enjoy other things I love to do.

There were strongholds that needed broken when it came to money and material things and that was a time when He did just that.

My desire of Giving kept growing in my heart. God gets all the glory of this, but he gifted me with a Giving heart at a very young age. It brings me so much joy to give to others. Giving my time, giving gifts, or just giving anything. I hardly ever feel like someone owes me something. I give from my heart. It makes me happy to see someone else happy. Yea, I do have to say that sometimes I will feel hurt if I ask for help and don't receive it, or the person receiving is not grateful, but God keeps reminding me that he is enough and not to put expectations on others.
I'm a work in progress for sure.
One day I told God that I didn't want another "business." I wanted away from the chains of money. Having a business always seemed to be chained to money for me. God tells us that money is the root of all evil. I'm not saying having a lot of money is evil. Of course we need money to pay for things and so forth. What I mean is I don't want to have that chain holding me in the sense that I'm only doing it for the money. I want to do what I'm passionate about and what God wants me to do and not think about the money aspect of it. "I don't want another business." I want to make and give. But how do I do that?

Then God did something I never ever dreamed of!

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