A small, home-based boutique,  on a mission to walk along young single moms to help them choose life for their babies and lead them to Christ. With a Love Box, we can help SAVE TWO LIVES!

A generous amount from each sale goes to help support single women with unplanned pregnancies, and young single moms, to find a place of belonging through an Embrace Grace Support Group at our local church. 

I'm on a mission to help encourage you and bring glory to God by storing His truths deep in your heart. Each "i make for her" piece is reflective of scripture and God's love for you! Exclusive designs even come paired with a corresponding verse card you can keep or give to someone.


We love to shower our young Brave Girls (single moms) with gifts, so we present a LOVE BOX full of wonderful gifts curated with love by Embrace Grace and assembled by our support group of volunteers from the church.

Once a girl receives a LOVE BOX, she then joins our church support group, where we come along beside her to love, support, encourage and help lead her to Jesus and choose life for her baby. We are a Pro-Life and Pro-Love Support Group.


To learn more about how you can donate a LOVE BOX or start your own group at your local church, go to Embrace Grace, Inc.