a story from a faith-filled-creative-girl


Hey there, I'm Robin! Artist, Writer, Photographer and Follower of Jesus Christ loving all things Creative!

In May of 2021, after closing my photography studio business of 20 years, I began making jewelry. At first it was merely a fun creative outlet for me without any destined future - - so I thought. It's funny how God sets you up for your good and His glory, but it's hard to recognize it at first. He has been busy preparing me for this calling my whole life.

I really didn't want to close my photography studio. I've been photographing expecting mothers and newborns for 20 years. I traveled around the world teaching many workshops and even wrote a book on Newborn Photography in 2013 - (you can find that here.) But God had other plans for me now. It was time to close the door so He could open the next.

My whole life has been filled with babies in one fashion or another and it has always been in my heart that if I weren't a newborn photographer, I'd have a baby boutique. (see that story here.)

In June 2021, I stepped into a co-leader position with my church to help lead an Embrace Grace Support Group for young single moms with unplanned pregnancies. I began designing my jewelry w ith these women in mind and my first pieces were the "Chosen" and "Bloom" necklaces, (our single moms are called Blooms, but recently Embrace Grace changed the name to Brave Girls, which I love just as much!).

It then became clear what God's calling for me in this season was! Instead of this little side-kick-hobby of mine, it now became a GIVING BOUTIQUE MINISTRY! I was blown away how God was moving my heart and passion through the Embrace Grace ministry! I love how they have carefully curated a LOVE BOX for these young women to help them choose life for their babies and encourage them to join support groups so they can know the love and grace of Jesus!! It was perfect!! And I couldn't be more thrilled and excited that God called me for this purpose!

Every sale helps support these beautiful young women with unplanned pregnancies and single moms too! We support them with purchasing LOVE BOXES, giving them gas cards to be able to come to the support group, throw them a Princess Party to show how special they are and throw a BABY SHOWER for their babies, plus so many other things we do to come along side them so they know they are loved and never left alone.

It brings me great joy to design and craft for her, the single mama, and I hope you will love your purchase just as much as I love making it!

xo, Robin